General Information

The event will consist of 5 2 1/2 hour rounds over the two day tournament (Sat & Sun). Rounds will start as promptly as possible. There is an hour break for lunch each day. Concessions will be available for the event. We will also be adding additional information about lunch options closer to tournament time.

The army must be formatted to have no more than 3 detachments. Forgeworld models are OK, and Lords of War are fine. We will be following the ITC rules for submitting an army list. The list will be uploaded to the BCP Player Application. All armies will be hidden until the week before the tournament.

The Branson Brawl will be using clocks and the ITC Clock Rules will be in affect for the event. You can get more information on those rules by clicking here.

We will also be adhering to the 3 color minimum for models. All the rules for model policy are posted here on this website. Click here.

Player code of conduct and Player Guidelines have also been posted on this website. Click Here.

Please feel free to ask questions and let the T.O. know if issues by emailing us at! We want this to be a fun event for everyone.

Hotel and tourist information will also be coming to the website closer to tournament time.