Best General – The Best General is the person who has the best win-loss record at the end of the tournament. Only your record on the table top is used to determine the overall tournament champion and the winner will walk home with the Branson Brawl trophy.  A 2nd and 3rd place plaques will be handed out for those finishers. Ties will be settled by battle points, strength of schedule then sportsmanship.

Best Overall – The Best Overall is commonly referred to as the “Renaissance Man” at many tournaments and it’s the individual with the highest total score combination of: – Battle Points (40%) – Painting Points (30%) -Sportsmanship (30%).  This represents the best overall player, who does well on the tabletop, but also has a well painted army and is a great opponent to play against.  The winner will walk home with the Best Overall plaque.  A 2nd and 3rd place plaques will be handed out for those finishers. Ties will be settled by battle points, strength of schedule then sportsmanship.

Best Painted – The 5 players that receive the highest possible painting points for their army based on the BBGT Painting Rubric are finalists for the Best Painted award. Players will be asked when they check in on Saturday if they’d like to enter there army for this award. The judging for this award will be done during Armies on Parade on Sunday during lunch where 40K tournament participants can vote for their favorite painted army.   The army must be a total of 2000 army list points to qualify as to set a limit on amount of models required for judging. All models that are played with at the tournament, must be on display.  Ties will be settled by battle points, strength of schedule then sportsmanship.

Best Sport  – This award is give to the player who best exemplifies the spirit of the game by his/her attitude, demeanor, and treatment of fellow competitors, teammates, and judges while accepting victory or defeat graciously.  At the beginning of the tournament each player is automatically awarded 215 sportsmanship points. Players can earn additional sportsmanship points by helping the tournament staff with tasks which help the tournament run.  For example, helping setup and tear down.  Players can also lose sportsmanship points, for example for every “Thumbs Down” a player receives -43 points will be deducted from your score.   In addition each player will have one vote (5 Points) to choose who they think the best sport winner should be and it will be added to the final score.  The tournament judges and organizers will also add 43 points to 5 players who they believe went above and beyond the call of duty.   Winner receives a table mat and the a plaque. 

Best Team – This award is given to the team with the best team battle points average with 10 bonus battle points points for each team member who is participating to a maximum of 100 points.  For example, if a team’s average battle point score is 157 and have 12 players in attendance that team would earn an additional 150 battle points bringing their team total to 307.  In addition, 43 team battle point will be awarded if the entire team is wearing a team shirt, or has a flag, chant or anything which would encourage a esprit de corps within the team and tournament.  Team names are locked past 9/20 and can only be changed for minor misspellings at the TOs discretion.  The winning team will walk home with the 2019 Iron Halo Team Trophy. (Team Texas – Defending Champion)

Journeymen – This award is given to the player who has traveled the farthest (miles) to the Iron Halo.  We will use Google Maps – Fastest Driving distance to determine the winner.

The Sacred Cow Bell – This player who came to conquer all, but became a conquered themselves by placing dead last.  Must complete all their games and be present at the awards ceremony.